Ayurveda आयुर्वेद,

Ayurveda and Yoga compliment each other to form a complete mind-body holistic medicine system.

"Ayu" means "life"  and"Veda" means"knowledge"  or "science"  Ayurveda literal  meaning is:  "the science/knowledge of life".

Modern medicine treat symptoms and diseases using pharmaceutical medicines (synthetic chemicals) or physiological intervention to treat of suppress symptoms which doesn't necessary target or cure the root cause. Treatments are symptoms based, people with the same symptoms are treated the same. If medicine cannot explain a symptoms, often it is considered a psychological problem.

Ayurveda consider every person an individual, with a unique mind-body balance. The body-mind system's intelligence has the natural ability to re-balance its self to stay healthy.  Disease happens when we loose this balance. Ayurveda look at the root cause of the disease, it focuses on internal healing, strengthening the body ability to fight disease and its intelligence to reinstate ones natural balance. 

At The Balanced Yoga we provide diet, yoga and lifestyle recommendations base on the Ayurveda and Yoga tradition for health and longevity, dis-eases prevention and methods to rejuvenate body and mind.This holistic approach supports long-term wellness.

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Ayurveda Consultation

Private Consultation

The initial consultation is 90 minutes, this is because Ayurveda does not only look at symptoms but goes into deep rooted issues. In order to do so, an in depth assessment of the state of your health, medical and family history, your diet and lifestyle is required which is done using the three Ayurvedic examination processes:
– darshana or direct observation i.e. tongue diagnosis, physical appearance etc,
– sparsana or touch i.e. pulse diagnosis. 
– prasana or questioning which can be verbal or in the form of a written questionnaire.

This thorough assessment helps us to understand your prakriti (unique body-mind balance ~ constitution) and vikruti (the current state of imbalance ~ doshas) to enable to give necessary advice.

AYURVEDA Consultation: Customised program to follow at home based on your Ayurvedic constitution and Dosha.

on request more detailed recommendations can also include meal plan/recipes, yoga plan and videos, meditation scripts and recording.

Booking System and pricing explained here. 

I am Yoga Veda Institute Yoga teacher, mentor and ambassador. I would like to  invite you to join this FREE certified Ayurveda course. At the end of this course you will receive a certificate and CPD with Yoga Alliance  and Nama (National Ayurvedic Medical Association). 

Personalised Retreats

  • Combination of therapies for a full-body reset and great savings. 
  • Thai massage discounts and gift vouchers
  • VIP  programs. 

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