Ayurveda Yoga

Ayuverda Yoga blends Yoga with Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for a complete mind-body system.

“It is important to reintegrate Yoga and Ayurveda in order to bring out the full healing and spiritual potential of each. Bringing Ayurveda into Yoga provides a yogic and Vedic system of medicine to allow for the full healing application of all aspects of Yoga. It provides a diagnosis and treatment in harmony with Yoga philosophy, as well as a diet and herbal treatment that follows the spiritual approach of Yoga.” 
— Dr. D. Frawley

"Ayu" means "life"  and"Veda" means"knowledge"  or "science"  Ayurveda literal  meaning is:  "the science/knowledge of life".

How Ayurveda differ from Modern Medicine:

The central principle of Ayurveda Yoga  is that every person has a unique constitution and to stay healthy, this constitution must be kept in balance.  It provides lifestyle recommendations for health and longevity, dis-eases prevention and methods to rejuvenate body and mind. It  shows the perfect way to live in a harmony with the laws of Nature.

Ayurveda Yoga is prevention-oriented, free from harmful side effects and it looks at the root cause of a disease rather than just the symptoms. 

Ayurveda Yoga

Private Consultation

Initial Consultation 

Ayurveda Yoga consider the whole individual and will include a form of verbal or written questionnaire to determine your personal constitution and imbalances. This assessment helps understand your individual prakriti (unique body-mind constitution) and vikruti (the current state of imbalance of your doshas) to enable to give necessary advice and plan a self-heal practice. The initial consultation will last 60 minutes and will assess your personal imbalances. Follow up consultations will then provide practices to balance the Doshas.

The individual constitution or “Prakrti” is a key factor in maintaining health and longevity and dis-ease cure and prevention. Particular attention is given to diet, digestion and physical and mental practices, including how the body metabolise food, feelings and experiences. The personal consultation will recommend Ayurvedic Yoga balancing and cleansing practices tailor-made to suit individual requirement. It is personalised and varies from person to person.

Schedule your appointment 

At the Balanced Yoga we have a simple booking options: 

You can book any of our therapies/private consultation and combine them when purchasing a block of 240 minutes.

Choose the length of treatment or combination (minimum 60 min. each), this provide incredible value and an opportunity to find which treatment or combination of treatment help you the most and really feel the difference after few treatments. 

You could also use all the 4 hours to create your personal mini-retreat (10% off any additional person attending your day retreat  - 20% discount for 5-6 people - max 6): 

Example of Personalised Day Retreat:

  • 60 min. Ayurveda Consultation
  • 60 min. yoga
  • 60 min thai massage
  • 30 Reiki
  • 30 min. sound healing
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We offer 4 workshops to progress from basic understanding of the Doshas, to Ayurvedic nutrition using food as medicine, recognise and correct your imbalances, and how your actions can prevent and ease conditions. You will find all the information easy to understand and of immediate use. 

Each workshop can be booked individually.

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Early bird before 31/08


23/09 2-5pm

Understanding the Doshas and AyurveDa Yoga

During this workshop, you will be introduced to how The Ayurvedic system works:

  • Discover your unique individual constitution

  • understand more about your individual body system

  • what creates balance and how to correct imbalances

  • How to practice yoga based on your Dosha for self-healing purposes. 

Small group of max 6 people giving you a personalised information and understanding on how to apply Ayurveda Yoga for your specific situation. 

7/10 2-5pm

Ayurveda Nutrition workshop

understand the qualities of food and how to combine them to re-balance your Dosha. Difference between modern nutrition and Ayurvedic nutrition, this will offer an explanation on food intolerance, problems with digestion, struggle with weight, etc.

14/10 2-5pm

Ayurveda Yoga Daily routine workshop

learn how to adjust your daily routine to correct imbalances and how to create new habits to promote self-healing: self-massage and how to make your own Dosha massage oil, daily cleansing practices, seasonal adjustments and Dosha times. 

11/11 2-5pm

Ayurveda Yoga  Detox

How to customise your Ayurvedic home detox practice based on your Dosha/imbalances. You will understand how to do a 3-5 days seasonal detox for your personal imbalances including daily cleansing practices and diet. 


Early bird before 31/08