Ayurveda आयुर्वेद,

We offer Ayurvedic consultations in our studio, online and long distance via skype.

"Ayu" means "life"  and"Veda" means"knowledge"  or "science"  Ayurveda literal  meaning is:  "the science/knowledge of life".

Ayurveda consider every person an individual, with a unique mind-body balance, each treatment is specific to the person. Ayurveda look at the root cause of the disease, it focuses on internal healing, strengthening the person’s ability to fight disease and its intelligence to reinstate the natural balance. 

Many thanks for the excellent workshop today at Red Hot Yoga in Guildford.
— Caroline Horwood
Many thanks for such an interesting workshop on Saturday. I’m really interested to learn more about ayurveda
— Jane Stevenson
Calm, knowledgable, holistic and friendly - a truly wonderful Teacher to work with, and attend as a student. You will be taken care of beautifully when in the hands of lovely Raffy :) xxx
— Pip Jackson

Initial Ayurvedic lifestyle Consultations

Initial consultations are up to 90 minutes long.

The initial consultation is 90 minutes, this is because Ayurveda does not only look at symptoms but goes into deep rooted issues. 

In order to do so, an in depth assessment of the state of your health, medical and family history, your diet and lifestyle is required which is done using the three Ayurvedic examination processes:
– darshana or direct observation i.e. tongue diagnosis, physical appearance etc,
– sparsana or touch i.e. pulse diagnosis. 
– prasana or questioning which includes written questionnaire.

This thorough assessment helps us to understand your prakriti (unique body-mind balance ~ constitution) and vikruti (the current state of imbalance ~ doshas) to enable to give necessary advice.

The initial consultation include:

  • Nutrition and diet recommendation (a specific meal plan can be created as a add-on).

  • Life-style guidelines and optimization.

  • General recommendation on Yoga asanas and breathing practices (option of a personalised plan and yoga consultation as add-on)

  • Supportive therapies recommendations as per your specific condition.

    Personalised Yoga plan can be added with a follow up Yoga consultation.

    Educational handouts on Ayurvedic lifestyle choices.

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Ayurvedic consultation


I have been mentoring Ayurvedic students since 2017 as a leader teacher of my Ayurvedic school. I can offer this mentoring and teaching help on a one to one basis. I only offer this to 2 students at anyone time, because of the deep involvement from both sides. Should you be interested, please contact me directly. 

Ayurvedic tretments

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Ayurvedic Head massage

Ayurvedic Head massage is a very ancient healing massage of head, neck, shoulders and upper back. Specific Ayurvedic oils are used to stimulate marma points, improve lymphatic drainage and reduce tension.


  • Relieve migraines, headaches and back pain.

  • Promotes hair growth, prevent graying.

  • Prevents congestion of sinusitis and may help with snoring.

  • Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

  • Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia.

  • Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression. .

  • Support the nervous system by relieving stress

  • Relieve chronic neck and shoulder stiffness

  • Increase oxygen uptake in muscle tissue

  • reduce tension in problematic knots in muscles

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Improving mental concentration and memory.

  • Helping your body relax, resulting in better sleep

Thai Massage

Ancient Healing deep tissue massage that have roots in the Ayurvedic system. Full body or it can be specific to troubled areas.


Become a TBY Spa member for discounted treatments.

  • Flexible membership: is a rolling payment of £46 every two weeks for 60 minutes massage.

  • SPA Membership 15% discount on therapies: is a rolling monthly payment of £51 each month for £60 credit to use on any TBY Spa Treatments. 24hr cancellation and t&c applies.

  • The credit can be use for full or partial payment. Any unused credit is rolled into the following billing period.

  • If you cancel the membership you have until the end of the calendar month to use all remaining credit.

  • The membership have no cash value. T&C, Booking, cancellation policies published in this website apply.