Yoga for healthy back

Yoga therapy can help in the management and prevention of many different ailments. Raffaella has been specially trained on Yoga Therapy for lower back pain and sciatica, in particular disk herniation and has years of personal experience in managing Scoliosis and back pain.

Back pain is a very complex condition that has different roots, and manifestations. It is important not to ignore the psychological effect that pain, in particular chronic pain can have on a person’s life: pain cause stress, fear, insomnia, irritability, indigestion, lack of enthusiasm, depression, etc.. This is why Yoga is more effective than other system, including Pilates, because Yoga is a ‘mind/body’ system.  It works at both mental and physical levels, aiming to foster harmonious functioning of the whole person.    

Studies that confirm how Yoga can help with sciatica: read this report. 

Massage Therapy including Thai Massage has been prove to help with Chronic back pain and depression. Read article here. 

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What you might experience:

  • You suffered from acute, agonising back pain and are afraid of a relapse. You have been followed by a physiotherapist, however it hasn't helped or their appointments have ended and you would like to continue the healing process and get back to an active lifestyle.

  • You currently have acute or chronic back pain that is debilitating and alienating your day to day life. You are afraid to move, the pain might keep you awake at night and this makes you feel unhappy.

  • Your favourite sports or activity has started giving you a pain and you are afraid of having to give it up.

  • You are concerned about pain in your back, you are not sure if there is anything you can do to prevent it from getting worse.

  • GP or Chiropractor have suggested Pilates and Yoga. A general Pilates and yoga class may contain poses that are counterproductive or even harmful when you have back pain. Forward bends, for example, may exacerbate sciatica and herniated disc.

Yoga therapy can help!

Yoga therapy consist in a well-planned yoga regime to which non-specific lower back pain, scoliosis, facet problems, sciatica and a herniated disc can respond particularly well.

  • Specific yoga practices to safely stretch and strengthen muscle designed to address imbalances and misalignment.

  • Breathing, relaxation techniques and visualisations, will provides a way to manage pain while allowing the mind to focus and relax.

  • ‘homework’ to incorporate yoga in your daily life: this includes adopting a good posture, learning which daily movements are best avoided, and what you can do regularly to keep looking after your body and feel better.

  • Even though you might experience back pain occasionally, you will learn to release tightness and pain.

  • On request it is possible to add the Ayurvedic consultation for nutrition and lifestyle, Thai massage, Reiki, Sound Healing which will enhance and support your recovery from back pain.

Back Pain Programme:

5 Weeks program private yoga therapy: includes 90 minutes initial consultation, followed by 4 private yoga session of 60 minutes each and home practice for healthy back. The home practice for healthy back is based on adapted yoga poses and specific sequence devised by the former Head of Orthopaedics at Grant Medical College. The sequence has been well documented in helping chronic back pain and healing from herniated disk.  

Yoga therapy uses gentle postures, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to promote healing of low back pain by:

  • Gently mobilising joints - Promoting repair and maintenance.

  • Relaxing tense muscles with gentle yoga - Enhancing restorative blood flow to damaged tissues and washing away pain-causing substances.

  • Gently extending range of motion within safe limits - Restoring normal activities.

  • Strengthening core muscles, and improving muscle control - Improving posture and helping protect the spine.

  • Heightening body awareness - Cultivating safe actions and avoiding risky actions.

  • Reducing fear and anxiety which are typical symptoms of Chronic pain.

  • get rid of your back pain or manage and reduce it.

  • strengthen weaker muscles.

  • feel more relaxed.

  • feel a greater ease in your body.

  • pain management.

  • better sleep and better attitude to life in general.

  • Self-care, do exercises at home. Your yoga home practice will be time and space for yourself, to restore and relax.

Not sure if this is right for you? Contact me for a free 20 minutes phone consultation session! Let’s discuss your back pain and see if yoga therapy is the right fit for you.