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TBY  private consultation for your individual needs


Raffaella has trained  in: Yoga Therapy for Lower Back pain and sciatica and has personal experience and knowledge in Scoliosis - Sound Healing of Therapeutic Tibetan Singing bowls, Gong and Zen Sounds - Thai Massage  the traditional method accredited by the Thai Ministry of education.  - Ayurveda Yoga Therapy  is one of the world's oldest medical systems originated in India more than 3,000 years ago and remains one of the country's traditional health care systems - Reiki Usui  is alternative medicine originated in Japan and developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.

We offer the flexibility of combining all our therapies to suit your need.

focus on you


Your private class will be planned to meet your specific needs. All bodies are different, might have a degree of misalignment, asymmetry, strength and weaknesses, flexibility and different proportions.  

On a "One to one" consultation we can use yoga in a more specific way. Many psychosomatic disorders benefit from a specific yoga to reduce stress, this might also help with chronic pain and sleeping problems.  Raffaella has specifically trained in Yoga Therapy for chronic lower back pain and sciatica. A personalised home practice can be added to the private one to one.

Physical limitations -  Sometimes being injured or working with a physical challenge that is either temporary or permanent can stop you from joining a yoga class.  I can set up a sequence and use props in a way that allows for safe practice. 

Questions - In a private session, you can ask questions on the spot and it's a very effective way to learn.

Investment: from £45/60 min at TBY Studio.

Private group (up to 8 people) from £60  discounted on block booking of minimum 5 sessions.
Large group or corporate rate (up to 25 people)  price on request, discounts on continuing contracts.

At the Balanced Yoga we have a simple booking options: 

You can book any of our therapies/private consultation and combine them when purchasing a block of 240 minutes.

Choose the length of treatment or combination (minimum 60 min. each), this provide incredible value and an opportunity to find which treatment or combination of treatment help you the most and really feel the difference after few treatments. 

You could also use all the 4 hours to create your personal mini-retreat (10% off any additional person attending your day retreat  - 20% discount for 5-6 people - max 6): 

Example of Personalised Day Retreat:

  • 60 min. Ayurveda Consultation
  • 60 min. yoga
  • 60 min thai massage
  • 30 Reiki
  • 30 min. sound healing



Private consultation
from 41.50
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Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a private consultation. Once a session has been booked, your consultation will have been planned and your time slot reserved for you. Cancellation or reschedule of a consultation with less then 24hrs notice or no-show will require to pay the full cost. 



You can hire Raffaella for a Private Yoga class for £40/60 min (one or two people, +£5/person) at TBY home studio or your home (plus travel costs).

Private yoga class is a yoga class just like at the studio, for you and your family or friends.

Private consultation is to assess and adapt the yoga practice to specific needs, including Yoga Therapy, recommendations and optional class plan/follow up.

I like the personal attention and personalised approach taking into account the reason for the private consultation and always referring back with every exercise and practice. The teaching was clear, with care and non judgemental. In particular I learned how the use of the breath, body and mind can change thoughts and ways of looking at things. The most benefit has been learning to reflect on feelings and controlling thoughts and emotions better then expected to be possible. A real eye opener.
— Lis Mulders
Excellent introduction to the world of yoga, makes me keen to try more classes. Clear instruction and great interaction when questions asked and gives options for increasing results, excellent instructions and demonstrations. I felt improvement physically, mentally and spiritually.
— Alison
I really liked the explanation of the different techniques and how to approach it with very clear and perfect demonstrations. I felt challenged and improved physically, mentally and spiritually. Overall and excellent experience. Thanks.
— Pamela Maiolatesi