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Isn't it time to take action and take care of yourself?

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Do you feel stressed or  tiered all the time?  

Frustrated because  you cant loose weight?

Tiered of being in pain  { neck, shoulder, joints and back pain}? 

You can't move as you used to do? 

Nothing seems to help?


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Group classes are fun, however they can be intimidating, confusing sometime unhelpful, especially if you are new to yoga.

Group classes cannot offer the individualised attention, modification, sequencing that you needs, they are 'Monkey say, monkey do' practice, due to the large number in a class. 


At TBY we only offer personalised semi-private classes and bespoke yoga that will  change the way you feel from day one.

I suffer from Chronic back pain and my physiotherapist noticed an improvement after just one semi-private CSBY Class. I wish I discover Raffaella earlier.
— Testimonial

 Bespoke Yoga



Pain and Physical limitations -  Sometimes being injured or working with a physical challenge that is either temporary or permanent can stop you from doing any exercise or joining a yoga class.

 During a private bespoke yoga, we can identify modification and adjustments for a safe and healing practice. Raffaella has specifically trained in Yoga Therapy for chronic lower back pain and sciatica, Ayurveda, Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage, which uses pressure points, massage and stretches to release muscle tension. 

Yoga can help ease many physical and psychosomatic disorders, including reduce chronic pain, stress, migraines and sleeping problems.

Raffaella’s knowledge and patience is unique. I have various problems and she has created a yoga sequence that I can practice at home in between our private one-to-one. The improvement has not only been physical but also at a personal level because I now believe things can get better, they already are! 
— Testimonial
  • Bespoke Yoga plan: 20 min. consultation and bespoke yoga plan, video and support material for home practice. 
  • Private yoga: a private yoga class tailored to your specific needs.
  • Best of both: 90 minutes private yoga with a bespoke plan and 20 min. follow-up consultation by phone or at TBY Studio. {BofB}
  • Beginners Yoga BOB 4 weeks plan. Designed to see quick improvement. Includes: 90 min. Private Yoga, Bespoke Yoga Plan, 20 min. follow up consultation {phone, skype or at TBY studioin} and 3 weekly Semi-private CSBY  classes at TBY Studio.
  • Bespoke Private Yoga 4 weeks. Includes: 90 min. Private Yoga, Bespoke Yoga Plan, 20 min. follow up consultation {phone, skype or at TBY studio} and 3 weekly Private yoga at TBY Studio.


In a Best of Both Yoga programs yoga  we create a bespoke plan to improve your well-being.

Yoga can help ease many physical and psychosomatic disorders, including reduce stress caused by chronic pain, migraines and sleeping problems.

Questions - In a Private Yoga session, you can ask questions and have an immediate answer, this will accelerate your progress. 


Transform your life through Core Spine Balanced Yoga™. This type of yoga focus on realigning your spine, reconnect with your body, your strength, your physical and mental balance.  Healing from the root of your problem, resolving tension and improve general health.

About Core Spine Balanced Yoga™ 

  • Build body awareness to recognise imbalances, posture misalignment and weak muscles.
  • Structural yoga, spinal balancing movements, and correct use of the core to support the spine and each movement.
  • Yoga for healing, Not Yoga fitness -  While Fitness focus on performance, a 'no-pain-no-gain' mentality which sometimes results in injury; Core Spine Balance™ Yoga is based on using the body correctly to free up tension, reduce pain and reinstate the natural balance. Many people find an improvement and new strength right from the beginning.
  •  Through Yoga, Ayurveda Nutrition and life-style, Thai Massage, Reiki and Sound Healing and meditation we can create personalised programs that reinstate equilibrium and health in body and mind.
  • More focus on reduce compression of the spine, regain range of movements and reducing problematic tension in back, neck, shoulders and joints area. 
  • Deep relaxation with use of Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra.
  • stress reducing practices which is therapeutic for chronic pain and long term illnesses.  
  • We create a truly safe, healing and therapeutic environment. 


Raffaella is specialised in: 

  • Yoga Therapy for Chronic Lower back pain and sciatica and has personal experience and knowledge in Scoliosis -
  • Sound Vibrations and Chakra Healing: Therapeutic Tibetan Singing bowls, Gong, Tuning Forks, Drum and Zen Sounds -
  • Thai Massage  the traditional method accredited by the Thai Ministry of education. Also known as the passive Yoga.
  • Ayurveda Yoga Therapy  ~ Nutrition and Lifestyle - Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest medical systems originated in India more than 3,000 years ago and remains one of the country's traditional health care systems. Yoga and Ayurveda compliment each others and are sister science. 
  •  Reiki Usui  is alternative medicine originated in Japan and developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.

Booking an appointment

Private consultation is to assess and adapt the bespoke plan to you! 

Private consultations:

I like the personal attention and personalised approach taking into account the reason for the private consultation and always referring back with every exercise and practice. The teaching was clear, with care and non judgemental. In particular I learned how the use of the breath, body and mind can change thoughts and ways of looking at things. The most benefit has been learning to reflect on feelings and controlling thoughts and emotions better then expected to be possible. A real eye opener.
— Lis Mulders
Excellent introduction to the world of yoga, makes me keen to try more classes. Clear instruction and great interaction when questions asked and gives options for increasing results, excellent instructions and demonstrations. I felt improvement physically, mentally and spiritually.
— Alison
I really liked the explanation of the different techniques and how to approach it with very clear and perfect demonstrations. I felt challenged and improved physically, mentally and spiritually. Overall and excellent experience. Thanks.
— Pamela Maiolatesi