Sound Healing

Sound Healing

The use of Therapeutic sound for healing stretches back to ancient times.  In old Indian texts, for example, the sound OM (AUM) is described as the sound of creation; sound has been used in many religions and shamanic rituals. John, in the Christian Bible, tells of the beginning coming from the Word. Modern medicine use "Ultrasound" for diagnostic and sometimes treatment tool. 

Considering that everything that exist, every organ, cell, limb, blood vessel and meridian within our human body is made of atoms which vibrate at a frequency, we can begin to understand the potential and power of sound. 

We can use  frequency and sound in a positive way and when  we add Reiki energy during the treatment, the results are even more profound.

Sound healing causes many different positives to happen to your mind and body including;

  • Reduced pain and stress

  • Relaxation in mind and body

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Improved clarity and conflict resolution

  • Altered states of consciousness

There are many types of sound used in healing for example crystal bowls, tibetan bells, tuning forks, drumming, voice, etc.

Sound Healing can be experienced as a one to one, combined with other treatments and during our yoga classes and workshops.

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Below examples of the instruments used at TBY and video explaining the healing power of gong bath.