Message from our students:

This is the first time I am pain-free

Each Yoga class is like a mini-retreat where I can recharge.

At the Balanced Yoga (TBY) we specialise in yoga therapy for chronic back pain and bespoke individualised programs. TBY has helped many people that suffered from various conditions (chronic back pain, scoliosis, herniated disk, cancer, recovery after hip/knee/back operations, etc.) to improve mentally and physically.

Raffaella thrive to offer a comprehensive health management, from Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine to Massage therapy and Vedic Astrology. She teaches a yoga that creates the foundation for long-term self-care that improve health and decrease pain and illness.

Holistic healing yoga based on Himalayan Tradition, Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga therapy.

Schedule of Classes


  • Monday 9:15am - 10:30am Johns Hall  - MAX 9 students

    • Mat hire £1. Free parking

  • Thursday Morning 9am (9:15am from June) - 10:15am (10:30 am from June) TBY Studio - MAX 6 students

    • TBY Studio has underfloor heating and all equipment is provided, including mats.

  • Thursday Evening 19:15pm - 20:30pm TBY Studio

    • TBY Studio has underfloor heating

    • all equipment is provided, including mats.

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Yoga Membership

When you become a member you have a permanent space in your chosen class.

Monday classesSign up by clicking here

Thursday morning classes: Sign up here.

Thursday evening class : Sign up here.

Included in your  Memberships:

  • Free exclusive TBY Online classes.

  • Exclusive discount on Therapies and one to one at TBY Studio.

  • You can stop membership anytime before your next payment is due.

  • The price will not increase as long as the membership remains active.

  • Cheapest price for our specialised Term-time Classes.

  • No minimum contract, no joining fees like Gym or studios. There is only a £1 One-off Set-up fees.

  • Access to our online Yoga classes so that if you miss a class, you can still practice from home.

  • Peace of mind and guaranteed space in the class.

  • Spread the cost with automatic payments every 4 weeks (excluding holidays)

  • receive points/cash back from your credit cards provider/AmEx

The thursday class is very popular, if you can’t book a place, please sign up below to be notified when a space is available.



As a back sufferer, I know how pain can be debilitating and how it affects the mood, stress, and health in general. My scoliosis can give me not just back pain, also pain in other parts of the body, like knees, ankles, hips, it also affects my breath, eyesight, and digestion, my mood. Having a healthy spine is much more than just a straight back, it has a far-reaching effect on the whole body and mind. This is the reason why I am offering specialised Yoga.

Reason why people come to our classes and therapies:

  • pregnancy and post-pregnancy yoga

  • stabilising the sacroiliac joints

  • upper body conditioning

  • yoga to manage arthritis

  • support for Cancer

  • improved breathing

  • managing diet, digestion and allergies

  • supportive lifestyle and body weight

  • managing chronic pain, fatigue including conditions such as fibromyalgia

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • achieving restful sleep

  • increase energy levels

  • feeling better each time.

  • restoring the back to health

  • reducing/solving chronic back pain

  • releasing shoulders and neck tension/problems

  • strengthening and rehabilitating the knees

  • alleviating achilles tendon dysfunction and ankle sprain

  • rehabilitating the wrists

  • core stability

  • yoga for spinal misalignment (lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis).

  • yoga for herniated disk

  • yoga for sciatica

  • stabilize and strengthen hypermobility of joints.

  • strengthening the pelvic floor

  • restoring strength post pregnancy, split abdominal muscle and back pain.

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  1. You want to practice traditional yoga.

  2. You wish to become aware on how to free up tension and reduce pain.

  3. Learn ways to decompress the spine and improve back health.

  4. You are interested in gaining more balance {physical and mental}, stability and strength.

  5. You want to increase your body awareness and recognise imbalances that might be contributing to current condition.

  6. You are looking to find ways to reduce stress {mental and physical}, your brain too need to switch off to recharge.

  7. It is important to you to practice proper breathing {Pranayama}. This will help with that sense of foggy brain, improve your mood and energise you.

  8. you like singing bowls and healing sounds. At TBY each class will end with sound bath.

  9. You would like to have video reference to practice at home.

  10. you like the extra support offered by the teacher knowledge in massage therapy and Ayurveda natural medicine science.


Private Yoga classes (one-to-one)  target specific needs and it's very effective in managing and improve conditions and chronic pain.

Personalised programs are specifically tailored to give you a regular bespoke yoga practice. From one-to-one consultation,  building a manageable yoga practice at home, ongoing support, videos, written practice and combination with other therapy  for a faster and more effective improvement.  

Currently we only have one space for private yoga.

We thrive to give YOU the most professional and comprehensive support and coaching. Raffaella is committed to offer the best possible treatments and invest time and resources to research and continue study.

Create your own retreat.

What if you could have the special ‘me’ time, a luxurious retreat when you need it, like when you are on holidays? 

TBY Studio is the place where you can feel like on a retreat holiday.

Start with one Treatment and add ‘re-treats’ at a special add-on offer.

If you can't see the combination you like, email us and we will make it happen. 

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Home practice:

download your printouts for home practice from our shop. 



“Thank you for some truly inspiring yoga these last few weeks.”

— Deborah Ramswell

“Raffaella has been a kind, generous and accommodating teacher and therapist. She has created an incredible environment for people to check out from hectic work schedules, relax and look within. I highly recommend TBY Thai yoga massage.”

— Elizabeth Matthews

“I really enjoy Raffaella’s classes, I recommended it to my daughter and my friends too. She gives very clear instructions and demonstration and you can see she teaches with passion. I particularly like the Full Moon yoga with the sound bath, Its an incredible value for all the healing on offer.”

— Liz

“I like the friendly atmosphere. Always different options so you can do what suits you and your body. Very clear instructions and I always leave feeling better physically and mentally. I am always pleased to have done my yoga class.”

— Claire

“I like Raffaella’s teaching, is very clear and knowledgeable. I particularly like the gentle adjustments that really makes a difference. I really enjoy Yoga Nidra at the end of the class and the sound Bath on Full Moon days. ”

— Margaret

“Excellent, I really enjoy the classes and find them beneficial. I like the friendly and supportive environment, professionalism with each class, specific to individual needs while working as part of a group. The instructions and demonstrations are very good and clear. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation.”

— Allison

“I like the variety of poses, the pace and the small semi-private class. I feel challenged physically, learning something different with each class. I leave the class feeling that I have been improved physically, mentally and spiritually.”

— Dan

“I find the classes challenging and stretching with a balance of various posture and very clear instructions.”

— Diane


Yoga ~ Ayurveda Yoga Therapy ~ Ayurvedic Nutrition, and lifestyle~ Thai Massage ~ Yoga Therapy for lower back pain and sciatica ~ Holistic integrative healing, Reiki, and Sound Healing. 

Guildford - Surrey

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