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Nov/Dec Thursday Candlelit Yoga - 7 Weeks

Yoga is an ancient system designed to create a sense of complete wellbeing. In this course you will be guided through:

  • pranayam (breathing practice)
  • yoga poses concentrating on benefits and healthy
  • different techniques of relaxation including Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) and Sound Healing Bath.

We make extra effort to create a relaxed environment with candles, soft lighting, sound, essential oils/incense might be used if no allergies or asthma. All props including blankets and Lavender eye pillows are provided.

Raffaella has trained in Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy for lower back pain and sciatica,  which techniques might be applied as needed during the class.

If you have a condition and  would like to join the class, please contact me to better assist you.

People attending our yoga classes commented they felt an increase in their physical and mental well-being: stronger core, pelvic floor and whole body, increased range of movement, more positive, relaxed and overall less pain. In particularly comments have been of less backache, neck, shoulder and joints pain, less anxiety and less headache, they also said that the effect generally last for few days, more with a regular practice.

Starting: Thursday 2nd Nov for 7 weeks.  

Time: 6:55pm - 8:10pm -  TBY Home Studio: Underfloor heating, ambient light, individual attention. Free on road parking.


  • £84 by BACS/cash - online payment includes card processing fees.
  • EB before 13th October £70.

MAX 6 people. 

Location: TBY home studio is a welcoming space with underfloor heating in Onslow Village, Guildford.