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INTESTINAL DETOX: - Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana

  • The Balanced Yoga 43 Manor Way Guildford United Kingdom (map)

“Shankaprakshalana purifies the body. By practicing with care, one gets a luminous or shining body.” Gheranda Samhita

Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana is a yogi Intestinal cleansing practice.


Our intestine accumulates ‘residue’ {toxines, waste products} that get stuck in the small fold of the approximately seven meter long folded intestine. This residue create tension and if not removed can start a process of inflammation, stagnation, malabsorption and allergies, affecting one’s well-being and energy.

Modern medicine is now connecting many autoimmune response, allergies, brain fog and other conditions to healthy guts.

.When the intestines are rinsed, the residue and tensions are removed. The energy your body was using to cope with the “toxins” in the intestines, is then free. You have the released energy at your disposal, and the body feels light and healthy.

Guts problems are connected to skin issues, eyesight, mental clarity, back pain, allergies, fatigue, immune system, etc.

The practice while appears to be simple is quite demanding to your body system, hence it is important to follow the instructions, including preparing for this practice the day before and full rest on the day of this practice.

If you have any condition, please always consult your doctor before booking.

The hatha yoga practice of shankaprakshalana is known to greatly reduce the levels of blood sugar in the body, almost immediately and in India it has been used to manage diabetes {under doctor supervision}.

The Laghoo practice is a shorter version of the Shankhaprakshalana which doesn’t require a strict diet afterwards.

Shanka Prakshalana is an ancient Yogic cleansing technique that purifies and renews both the physical and energetic systems - creating physical and mental harmony, clarity and vitality.

 Ayurveda: The Laghoo practice helps remove excess Pitta that has accumulated during the Summer, hence it is practice at this time of the year.

Excessive pitta dosha in the body can give rise to physical imbalances such as hot flashes, diarrhea, burning sensations, skin irritations, eczema, acne, sore throat, sweating, eye problems, inflammation, and agitated mind.

The cleanses on offer consist of the following: 

  • Laghoo Shanka Prakshalana : which involves drinking warm, saline water and practising a series of postures to move the water through and out of the digestive system.

  • Rest

  • Kunjal Kriya : upper respiratory cleansing with warm saline water. Therapeutically, Kunjal is used against stomach and digestive problems, headache, nervousness, asthma, common cold and coughing.

  • Neti Kriya : nasal cleansing with warm saline solution

    (contra-indication nosebleed, nasal obstruction such as polyps, structural blockage. If in doubt consult your doctor.

  • Rest 45 minutes.

  • Kitchari meal

This practice takes 90 minutes up to 3 hrs. You will be free to leave once you have finished.

Plan to rest for the remainder of the day and have a light meal of Kitchari (full information and recipe will be given after the booking).