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Ayurveda Yoga Spring Detox Plan and Short Cooking Demo

Ayurveda Yoga Detox and Cooking Demo: Home detox practices based on your Dosha/imbalances. You must have a basic understanding of the Doshas.

  • Learn how food affect your body and mind and how to correct your imbalances with food and routine, not with medication or the latest diet plan. not with medications but with food.
  • Learn how to create a detox plan specific to your needs and imbalances, supposed to "one fits all plan/diet" that in most cases is destined to fail.
  • Create your personal 3-5 days seasonal detox plan from food, to yoga and meditation.  
  • Ayurvedic kitchen cooking demo. Short demonstration on how to mix spices and prepare recipes according to your constitution: how to make ghee and how to prepare the Kitchari detox recipe.

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