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SOLD OUT - Healing Sound Bath: learn how to use Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong.

This workshop will explore the sound of gong and tibetan singing bowls used in Yoga and sound healing.

3 parts workshop:

1) theory, history, technical and energetic information on how they work. How to choose your instrument. Chakras and sound.

2) practice different techniques including on the body techniques and experience on yourself and other people in the group the therapeutic benefits.

3) relaxation and sound bath at the end.

Because this is an hands on/practical workshop, only 6 places are available.

No previous knowledge or experience needed.

This workshop is suitable to Yogi, people practicing meditation, including yoga teachers, meditation teachers, people working with energy such as Reiki and crystal healers, musicians or anybody that is interested in sound and sound bath.

The workshop will end with 30 min sound bath.


New dates in the new year.