Ayurveda back to basis

When talking about Ayurveda rather looking at its concepts of Doshas, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Agni Dhatu, etc., instead of making it complicated, the best way forward is to look about the simplicity that lies behind it all.

Let's go “Back to Basics” of it all.

So, here are some back to basic principles that you can refer to especially when you find resistance in integrating Ayurvedic principles into your everyday lives.

Ayurveda sees health as a positive attitude of enjoying physical, mental and emotional health. It’s the science of life.

I would like to highlight five fundamental principles:

1)   Awareness. When there is chaos or confusion, the first step is recognizing that this is what it is: chaos, confusion. Awareness is the first step to changes, progress, and development. Realising what it is, leads towards clarity.

2)   Get close to nature, to the weather and natural environment you live in. Local native plants and food, including what people might consider weeds which can be used medicinally as food. Sourcing local food is too a way of synchronizing with local seasons, weather and the energies of where you live. 

3)    Skin is the largest organ in our body. Do not put anything on your skin that you are not prepared to put into your mouth. From beauty products to soaps, toothpaste, etc. Foods can be turned into oils, nourishing liquids, creams, pastes etc to help towards physical health and balance.

4)    Ayurveda begins from your kitchen!
We keep talking about food, herbs, oils, etc. because food is medicine and when it is used correctly becomes therapeutic. Turn your kitchen into a space of healing and look at each food as medicine which will aid towards bringing back balance into the body.

5)    Listen to your body. There is always a conversation that goes on between your body and your mind. If you ignore it lead to imbalance. If you are tired, you probably need to sleep. If you are hungry you need food. You might not be hungry but that chocolate cake looks so inviting…..well you can recognise that too. The body knows what it needs, the mind comes along. With awareness of this conversation we can realise what is essential need for health and balance, and what is not (like eating a slice of chocolate cake).  Finding a healthy balance between body and mind is essential.