Overcoming resistance to yoga practice and in life

Overcoming resistance to yoga practice. 
Many yogis, in particular yoga teachers, at some point experience resistance to their yoga practice.

Why is that happening and what to do to overcome resistance?

I did a little research on articles about this. Most articles tell you to overcome the resistance because of the many benefits, giving a full list why you should practice and therefore overcome resistance ‘because‘yoga practice is good for you’. 

Ok, really..when you have a resistance, listing the reason why you should overcome your resistance, does it really help?

I have also found articles explaining the role of the mind when you feel resistance, this is a link to an article explaining neuroscience of resistance and how to overcome it: https://www.mindful.org/the-neuroscience-of-resistance-and…/
Ashtanga yoga is one style of yoga that requires a repetitive daily practice and very often Ashtangi finds resistance, David Swenson {renown Ashtanga teacher} in this video explain the 3 options when you feel resistance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6RrnNcfGlw

Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Few questions come to my mind:
1) Ok, you feel resistance…where is this coming from, is the mind sabotaging your own will to practice yoga? Is your body tiered that want a break from yoga? Is it really yoga the problem?{You can use this type of question on any resistance in your life}.
2) What do you consider yoga? Yoga is just about everything, moving with awareness, breathing with awareness, resting and digesting the information and experiences of your daily life is also yoga.
4) From an Ayurvedic point of view, is your yoga practice balancing your Dosha or is it aggravating your imbalances? IF it is not Yoga, any other activity might be balancing you or putting you more out of balance. 
5) How do you feel when you practice: tiered, energized, happy, exhausted, not done enough, you have overdone it, couldn't care less, just right?
6) How do you feel if you don’t practice, guilty, calm, upset, don’t care..?
Is this feeling a manifestation of an imbalance or balance?

When you answer this questions, can you see a way to overcome the resistance?The answer is often staring at you, you just can't see it!
Write your finding down, keep a diary to remind you of the triggers and the process of resistance. 
How does resistance makes you feel? Any type of resistance: to yoga practice, to work, to any other type of manifestation of resistance. Is resistance protecting you or stopping you?

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