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New Moon 🌑 true desire - Vedic astrology.

In Vedic astrology, the new moon falls in the area of the sky known as of Uttara Ashadha. Symbolized by an elephant’s tusk, Uttara Ashadha is connected to the Hindu elephant god, Ganesha, who is revered as the “Remover of Obstacles.”

Uttara Ashadha is the star of “unstoppable victory.” It is said that this star will never accept defeat, therefore you can cast aside unwanted patterns and shift negative forces.

Romantic relationships, friendships, and other alliances may reach a turning point, because of Venus influence. The queen of love and abundance will reappear in February as evening star with a new lease on love and desire.

This new moon also supports the creation of healthy boundaries and renewed self-respect. There is a tremendous power to transform unneeded patterns of victimization and self-negation during this lunar cycle.

In India the new 🌑 moon, is celebrated as Mauni Amavasya and it is considered auspicious to take a vow of silence at this time.

Take a moment for silent reflection. What is your true desire? When is it safe to trust others? The new moon holds an answer in the weeks to come with lessons around openness, commitment, and equality.

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New Moon Meditation

Settle in comfortably, light your candles, incense and have your Mala to hand. Set your intention and chant Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha 108 times - I love Deva Primal’s

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