10 things new yogi worry about when they come to class

So many people I know come to me with many worries. Many think that a yoga class is for confident, slim, flexible people. You might be surprise to hear the many worries people have when they first come to a yoga class.

What are the yoga worries that we keep so secret?

1) I am too big, not so young, I will feel uncomfortable in a class full of young slim people.

A yoga class is for everyone, I see different sizes and ages all the time. You will be surprise how certain poses will feel easier to you than to others. We don’t judge people, we just welcome you in our classes, to be who you are.

2) I don’t have the latest yoga pants, I don’t look good in yoga outfit.

Traditional Yoga trousers were not tight lycra pants, they were comfortable wide cotton trousers. Just come with what you feel comfortable with, that gives you freedom of movement.

3) I can’t touch my knee, let alone my toes.

That was me when I first started yoga, as so are many that come to my classes. There will be plenty of option including taking rest. Flexibility comes in time, what it is important is keeping your body moving, stretching and strengthening to maintain good health of the back and the whole body.

4) I can’t balance, what if I fall over?

Many people find balancing difficult, the poses are taught in stages and you can stop where you feel you have reached your limit. We also use props, including a wall. If you do loose the balance, you will not be the only one that has done it, we all have been there, I still do. It is all part of learning.

5) I don’t do headstand or other fancy poses.

That is absolutely fine, not everyone wants or can do them. My classes focus on preparing the body for this poses with strengthening exercises and stretches. There is no pressure and they are practiced only when you feel confident to do it. However because of all the preparation we do, many people find themselves surprise how far they can go and what they can do.

6) I worry I might break wind.

Well Yoga has a poses called ‘wind release’, it’s part of the practice. Yoga stimulates the digestive system, improving digestion, evacuation and circulation. It does happens and it’s a good thing.See it as a part of healing and releasing experience.

7) Can we mention meat, do I need to be vegetarian to be a yogi?

We are all different and have different needs and diet. Some choose to be vegetarian or vegan for personal or medical reasons. Ayurveda sometimes prescribe meat. Yogic, as they deepen their practice, might feel that a vegetarian or even vegan diet is the one more suitable. The most important thing is acceptance of who you are and be open to evolve to become who you wish to be.

8) I can’t do relaxation, I can’t stay still.

In my classes we practice a specific relaxation that keeps your mind occupied while relaxing the body. It works, I have many people that couldn’t relax but did in my classes. With practice, this will become easier even if you choose to practice it at home.

9) If I lie down in relaxation, I fall asleep.

If you do fall asleep, it’s probably because your need it. I did and also I had students falling asleep during classes and workshops, even snoring. If this happens, it means that yoga has given you what you needed most and you will feel much better afterwards.

10) I would like to try it but I worry about the cost.

I do offer discount on block bookings and to people that genuinely can’t afford the classes. Please email me at: TheBalancedYoga@gmail.com to book you in for a taster class.

Raffaella BreareComment