Spring equinox

This year, the 20th of March is the spring equinox, it is the time when both hemispheres of the Earth are equally illuminated. The Indian calendar divides the year into two: the bright and dark parts. In mid-January they celebrate the beginning of the half-bring part of the year, Makara Sankranti when the Sun enters the constellation of Capricorn.

This is the time when the light increases and decreases darkness until at the time of the equinox, the time when there is the perfect balance between the forces of light and darkness. This is the time Brahma created the world.

Shortly after that is the celebration of Holi. The festival of color, color is just the spectrum and manifestation of light.

This return of the light heralds a time to sow, which is seen in all agrarian cultures in the world across times.

We can celebrate the Vernal Equinox acknowledging the value of life, incorporating the practice of Ahimsa into our daily life. Leave behind old layers of ourselves, things that we have been carrying that don’t allow the potential growth for this season.

Direct the forces of this equinox towards healing. Time to eliminate toxins, make positive changes in lifestyle and eliminate what is harmful, practicing Ahimsa – non-arm to yourself or others; and spiritual sadhana to cleanse the heart and mind, stay in tune and harmonize with nature and focus on internal alignment. Starting a cleanse and allowing the body to adapt and rejuvenate naturally can be of great benefit. Some may resist the changes, set in the old ways even if they don’t serve them, and they will struggle.

Ayurveda tells us that this is the time for cleansing, helping the body eliminate toxins, Ama and prepare it to grow with the season of light and “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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Happy equinox!