Ayurveda in winter

Ayurveda tips for winter

The body react to cold weather by instinctively contracting. Body massages ( self-massage) with oils helps release contraction in the muscles. Aromatherapy, eucalyptus oil aids breathing and helps release any congestion in the throat or chest area.

According to Ayurveda science, sleeping long hours or cat napping, should be avoided as it promotes sluggishness in the body. 

Prepare your body to sleep with a gargle of warm water, add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt, every day or any other day.

Long dark winters effect your mood and immune system, make sure you have your daily dose of  sunlight to promote production of vitamin D.

During this season is recommended a diet that includes milk, butter, sugarcane, juice and ghee (clarified butter) as well as warm soups, stews, vegetables, cooked rice and oatmeal. Nuts, dates, figs, spinach and green leafy vegetable are also ideal. These foods provide soothing warmth to the system (provided you are not allergic to this foods). 

Herbal supplements such as Chyavanprash and Dasammola Rasayan are recommended to help fight cold in the body .

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