Spring is around the corner

The days are getting longer and daffodils are coming out, is it spring then? Not yet!

Winter is a time when we feel lethargic in need of warm and rest. It is also time for colds and other bacterial and viral infections. The classes this month have been focusing on nurturing your body and to strengthen the immune system: we practiced Sun Salutation to  generate heat from the inside, and pranayama, breathing exercises to clear airways and to prevent chest infections. We also practiced relaxation and Yoga Nidra to allow the body to rest, like nature does during the winter month.

Raffaella is a Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapy for Chronic back pain and sciatica, Thai Massage, Sound Healing and Reiki Master based in Guildford. She leads courses, workshops and CSBY classes and is Publisher of The Yoga Daily. Her holistic approach invites students to unite mind, body, and spirit.


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