Chair Yoga for office and for schools

Yoga can be practiced everywhere, not just in a studio.

If you spend lots of time sitting down on a chair your body is probably showing signs of fatigue due to the sitting posture including back, neck, shoulder pain and at the same time the hamstrings shortens which can effect hips and tendons, including Achilles tendons.

Yoga helps by increasing mobility of back and stretching the complexity of the muscles connected to hips and back. Additional poses specific for neck and shoulders and upper back help to condition the whole body. The deep core muscles are connected from the Achille tendons, to hamstrings, psoas, and all the back muscles including multifidus and longissimus muscles which recently have been named as the “new psoas” in Yoga international’s article, and the connect all the way to your tongue, hence lion breath (Simhasana) is so beneficial.
Postural problems derived by desk work (including young at school) are on the increase, the good news is that we can do something about it. Practices like chair yoga and breathing exercises goes a long way in counterbalancing the effect of our everyday living. Take a break and stretch out. I will explain all this on my Series: Home and Office Yoga, which includes “yoga shots’, short practices that can be done anywhere