Moon Eclipse 21 January 2019

Lunar Eclipse. 21 January at 5:12 am London. 

If you have a Cancer moon, sun, or rising sign, you may be particularly affected by the eclipse.

Vedic astrology considers the time around the lunar eclipse not favourable, one week at either side of the eclipse. If you are planning a change or to start  something new, it is best to wait. 

The moon’s shadow on Earth,  the countries affected by the shadow, will experience 6 months of difficult time. 

Also it is recommended to stay indoor and not to look at any eclipse, it is a good time for meditation, chanting and spiritual practices. 

I have been feeling this Eclipse for few days, feeling unsettled and with a sense of fear which is typical of Rahu, the shadow planet. 

In Vedic astrology, the eclipse shadow is represented by a karmic serpent, and Rahu is the head of the serpent.

Venus and Jupiter junction can also play between logic and emotions and the vicinity of Mars can lead to ‘wars’ driven by emotions. 

Not a good time for Brexit, but the logic will eventually prevail. 

Time to step back, relax and clear the mind. 

Raffaella BreareComment