Under the stars: what the planets are doing and how it can effect us.

With 5 planets retrograde simultaneously from 28th of April to 9th of May after 10 years. How this translate to us?

From December you might have stated feeling the effect of Jupiter turning retrograde on 7th January, the first planet to turn retrograde this year followed by others: Saturn on March 25, Mars on April 17th, Pluto on April 18th and Mercury on April 28. Having all this planets retrograde at the same time might cause some imbalances calling for mindfulness.

Jupiter retrograde (7 Jan to 9 May) abruptly stops expansion or growth, taking away external support. You will be left to turn inwards for support and inspiration.

Saturn retrograde (25 Mar to 13 Aug) brings delays and hindrances. You will need to put more effort then usual in everything. 

Mars retrograde (17 Apr to 19 Jun) brings aggression and impulsiveness. It is important during this time to be watchful of words and actions. It can confuse desires, and require a closer look at your ambitions.

Pluto retrograde (18 Apr to 27 Sep) intensifies your search for inner truth and peace. It is a good time for cleansing rituals. Your faith may be tested, initially not knowing who or what to trust, you may question your most basic assumptions about life.

Mercury retrograde (28 Apr to 22 May) often messes with communication. Take extra notice on what you say and what you think you hear!

Suggestions: Reiki and Yoga to cleanse the Meditation every day, in particular during full and new moon. and the chakras. This goes a long way to minimising the effect of planetary positions. Practice grounding, spending time in nature and practicing grounding yoga poses (tadasana, tree, warrior poses) and mudras (bhu mudra). Practice hearth meditation, connecting with the Earth element and eat a diet rich on earthy food, warm, pure.