Detox Tea

Spring detox tea 

Dandelion and Cardamom

Preparing this simple tea is just about stepping into your garden to pick few leaves and flower to make your brew.

What is considered a weed by most, it's an incredible healing herb, Taraxacum officinale  Dandelion bloom at the perfect time of year to purify and cleanse your body. 

The whole plant can be used: the leaves and flowers are earthy and bitter in taste, great for cleansing the liver; they can be steamed, sautéed or added to salads and teas.  Dandelion root, on the other hand, is often powdered and roasted for use as a coffee substitute or added raw to herbal teas.

Springtime is time to clear the accumulated toxins from the cold winter,  according to Ayurveda and most cultures {including Italian} your body greatly benefits from anything bitter or sour, including dandelions.

Adding Cardamom to this tea, adds warmth, lightness, and a pleasant, refreshing and appetizing aroma. The aromatic qualities of cardamom clear mucus in the respiratory tract and improve circulation to the lungs.

Dandelions are free and abundant but make sure to pick from a soil that is free of pesticides, weedkillers and other toxic chemicals.

Wild food is generally stronger and offer more vitality than grocery store foods.

Fresh from your garden, dandelion tea is like drinking the first sunshine of the year in a cup. Use the leaves and the flowers in your tea with one or two pod of cardamom to brew in a tea pot for 4-6 people. YOu can keep the tea warm and drink it through the day. 


Eating Ayurvedically makes you feel nourished and energised without leaving feel heavy or sleepy. An Ayurvedic diet is bespoke to your individual body type and your specific imbalances. There is no need to take vitamins when your system works and absorbs nutrients.  The food is your supplements, having a menu specific to your body type, means you are giving the correct food to stay healthy. You can eat less but feel more satisfied because what you are eating truly nourishes you. Since Ayurveda believes all disease begins in the digestive tract, food is your first medicine. The first step is to understand your body type and imbalances,  by doing the Dosha test and a bit of reading and research or you can book an Ayurvedic consultation and have a bespoke plan, meal and recipes that are specific to you. 

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