As a back sufferer, I know how pain can be debilitating and how it affects the mood, stress, and health in general. My scoliosis can give me not just back pain, also in other parts of the body, like knees, ankles, hips, it also affects my breath, eyesight, and digestion, my mood. Having a healthy spine is much more than just a straight back, it has a far-reaching effect on the whole body and mind. This is the reason why I am offering specialised Yoga.

I have worked with my clients on some of the following ….

  • stabilising the sacro-iliac joints

  • upper body conditioning

  • yoga after heart attack

  • yoga to manage arthritis

  • support for Cancer

  • rediscovering the breath

  • managing diet, digestion and allergies

  • supportive lifestyle and body weight

  • managing chronic pain, fatigue including conditions such as fibromyalgia

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • achieving restful sleep

  • increase energy levels

  • restoring the back to health

  • reducing/solving chronic back pain

  • releasing shoulders and neck tension/problems

  • strengthening and rehabilitating the knees

  • alleviating achilles tendon dysfunction

  • rehabilitating the wrists

  • core stability

  • yoga for spinal misalignment (lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis).

  • yoga for herniated disk

  • yoga for sciatica

  • stabilize and strengthen hypermobility of joints.

  • strengthening the pelvic floor

  • restoring strength post pregnancy, split abdominal muscle and back pain.

semi-private classes

 Our classes will make you feel like you are in a very special retreat, a space to relax, release tension and focus on yourself.

Monday @ John's Hall Yoga class has Max 9

TBY Studio shared private class: numbers varies between  1 to 6 max depending on the class.

At TBY Yoga studio we use equipment that are not normally use in other studios/classes.

 Our clients told us that they experience a significant improvement from the very first class, some have seen their chronic back pain of years, lessen and then disappear in just two months of regular practice and most have seen a decreased in the need to see a physiotherapist/chiropractor.


Private Yoga classes (one-to-one)  target specific needs and it's very effective in managing and improve certain conditions.

The programs are specifically tailored to give you a regular bespoke yoga practice. From one-to-one consultation,  buildiing a manageable yoga practice at home, ongoing support, videos, written practice and combination with other therapy  for a faster and more effective improvement.  

We only offer space for 5 Private Yoga Students at anyone time.

Why only 5?  The private class consist not just on the time the teacher spend with the student, but also the time to plan, research and prepare for all the support needed for each individual case. 

Only 5 students at anyone time because we don't rush, we give YOU the most professional and comprehensive support and coaching. This requires time, preparation, research and continuing studying.

bespoke programs and re-treats.

What if you could have the special time off of a luxurious retreat when you need it,  without having to wait until your next holiday?  

Retreat-break and some ME time regularly is a great way to recharge, detox, prevent illnesses and aggravation of conditions.

TBY Studio is the place where you can feel like on a retreat holiday.

 Bespoke Home re-treats are ready made combinations.

Create your own retreat.

Start with one Therapy and add-on therapies/treatments at a special add-on offer.

 Bespoke Home re-treats are ready made combinations.

If you can't see the combination you like, email us and we will make it happen. 

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Home practice:

download your printouts for home practice from our shop. 



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