You can change the way you feel.


I came to yoga on my late 30es, with back ache, scoliosis and lack of flexibility.

Yoga improved my back pain, posture, strenght and flexibility.

I can now do things that I have never

  done in my life, like touching my toes!

I feel young and happy.  

If I can do it, YOU can do it too!



ree up and enjoy life.


Transform your life, heal from the root of the problem, resolving tension and bringing your life back to health, where you want it to be.


Shouldn't your yoga be more then just STANDARDISED fitness?

Group classes are fun, however they can be intimidating, confusing, too fast to understand what to do. These are generally Monkey say, Monkey do exercises, because due to large numbers in a class,  they cannot offer the individualised attention, modification, sequencing suitable to YOU, in particular when there is an history of injury, conditions or some kind of pain or discomfort.

What if you could have a Yoga program that is personalised and unique?


Raffaella specialised in offering bespoke yoga programs and semi-private classes that will  change the way you fell from day one.

Bespoke Yoga program

YOU ARE UNIQUE!    Shouldn't your personal yoga program be unique too?

Group classes are fun, however they can be intimidating and confusing, especially if you are new or back to yoga, or have some limitation {old injury, tight muscles, sore back, arthritis, etc.}.

Group classes cannot offer the individualised attention, modification, sequencing that you needs, they are a Monkey say, monkey do practice.  Hence at TBY we offer semi-private classes, private classes and bespoke programs. 

 Bespoke Yoga you can choose between:

  • Bespoke Yoga plan
  • Private yoga
  • Best of both: private yoga with a bespoke plan.
  • Beginners Yoga 4 weeks plan. 

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Take Action

Are you feeling you need some TLC:

  • stress
  • lack of flexibility
  • pain
  •  weight gain
  • ageing
  • always tiered
  • All this makes you depressed too!

Take action!



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All photography provided by Jared Chambers