Having a retreat-break and some ME time regularly is a great way to recharge, detox, prevent illnesses and improve conditions. What if you could have a luxurious retreat when you need it, near you, just like on holiday.

I closed my eyes and I felt like I was in Thailand on Holiday!
— Emma Richardson


We can create your special retreat for you at our holistic space. Massage or a cleanse or choose an Italian or Ayurvedic cooking experience, learn to detoxifying your environment, learn to become more self-sufficient, making your homemade mylk and fermented drinks. Can't find what you are looking for or you want the retreat to come to you? Let us know and we will create your unique bespoke re-treat.  


The luxurious well-being programs will include everything to make it easier rebalancing your health and lifestyle.

This 4 weeks program include:

  • 90 initial Ayurvedic consultation.

  • Detailed Ayurvedic routine and food recommendations (by email)

  • Ayurvedic recipes Ebook

  • Free Ayurvedic pack {organic ayurvedic massage oil freshly mixed with essential oils to balance your Dosha, Cooking spices Dosha mix, neti pot, tongue scraper}

  • 90 Minutes Yoga consultation and bespoke yoga plan for home practices (this will be delivered by email)

  • 3x60 minutes private Yoga (once a week skype or in person at TBY Studio)

  • Thai Massage 2 hrs long.

  • Access to TBY online Yoga videos for home practice.

  • Ongoing support via email for 4 weeks.

The VIP Well-being 4 weeks includes:

  • 90 initial Ayurvedic consultation.

  • Detailed Ayurvedic routine and food recommendations (by email)

  • Free Dosha massage oil {50ml Jar} and access to the video for Ayurvedic self-massage.

  • 90 minutes one to one Yoga consultation

  • Home Yoga practice for your Dosha (by email)

  • Access to TBY Ayurveda Yoga for your Dosha online video.

  • 90 minutes Thai massage.

  • Ongoing support via email for the 4 weeks.

Create your own re-treat experience.

  1. Choose the treatment/consultation

  2. add-on as many experiences as you wish at discounted prices (includes Ayurveda, Thai massage, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurvedic or Italian cooking, fermentation, etc.)

  3. Complete your booking and enjoy your day-retreat. (this must be book minimum two day in advance)

  4. If you cant find the day you wish or the combination you would like in your day-retreat, send us an email and we will make it happen.

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 Thai Massage experience

  • Relaxing and healing in our warm private studio, natural incense, soft music.

  • Turn it in a day re-treat by adding a sound bath, reiki, Ayurvedic healthy eating taster, etc.

  • Save on a regular re-treat of thai massage.

I had a great experience. Raffaella is extremely friendly, knowledgable, and the 90min. Thai massage was amazing. All that in a very calm, relaxing atmosphere. Thank you! I highly recommend.
— Jeremie Texier

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 Feel your body connected, fluid and strong. Start with a Private Yoga and add-on a personalised yoga plan, ayurvedic yoga, massage, reiki, detox cooking tester, etc. to create your own retreat.

“Raffaella’s knowledge and patience is unique. I have various problems and she has created a yoga sequence that I can practice at home in between our private one-to-one. The improvement has not only been physical but also at a personal level because I now believe things can get better, they already are! ”

— Mary Robertson

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Re-balance your body, reduce pain, stress, weight and  help reinstate the body's self-healing system to health. Start from the Ayurveda appointment and add-on massage, cooking lesson, etc. to make your own personal re-treat. 

Bespoke Ayurveda

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