Ayurveda Yoga Workshop - Understanding Dosha and Yoga for your Dosha

  • TBY Home Studio 43 Manor Way Guildford, England, GU2 United Kingdom

Autumn Ayurveda Yoga:

We offer 3 workshops to progress from basic understanding of the Doshas, to recognise and correct your imbalances, and how your actions can prevent dis-ease. You will find all the information easy to understand and of immediate use. Book here. 

Each workshop can be booked individually.

Discover the healing power of this 5000 y.o. medicine science, one of the world's most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health system.

Modern medicine is based on treating all individual the same based on their symptoms.

Ayurveda teaches that we are all different and is based on an individual holistic approach to find the root cause of dis-eases, instead of treating just the symptoms.

Our Next workshops:

1.    Ayurveda Workshop Understanding the Dosha and Yoga for your Dosha.

During this workshop, you will be introduced to how this system works:

  • Discover your unique individual constitution
  • understand more about your individual body system
  • what creates balance and how to correct imbalances
  • How to practice yoga based on your Dosha for self-healing purposes. 

Water, Organic tea, fruit and nutty snack will be available on the day free of charge.

Small group of max 6 people giving you a personalised information and understanding on how to apply Ayurveda Yoga for your specific situation. 

Next Ayurveda Yoga Workshops:

2. Ayurveda Yoga Daily routine workshop: learn how to adjust your daily routine to your specific Dosha promoting balance and healing.  Ayurveda Yoga healing through food, diet, herbs, essential oils, self-massage, meditation. Looking at quality of food for your specific Dosha, herbs, essential oil, and daily cleansing practices including massage, and meditation. 14/10 2pm-5pm

3. Ayurveda Yoga Autumn Detox with brief cooking demo. How to customise your Ayurvedic home detox practice based on your Dosha/imbalances. You will understand how to do a 3-5 days seasonal detox for your personal imbalances including daily cleansing practices and diet.  Short Ayurveda Yoga cooking demo: demonstration on how to prepare Ghee and a basic detox recipe. You will receive a detox recipe print out. 11/11 2pm-5pm

Each Workshop £40 EB £35 - EB Book 3 workshops £100 by BCAS/cheque/Pingit, credit/debit card (+processing fees). Before 31st July

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