Blissful stress/pain release Yoga & Sound Bath - 7 weeks course

  • TBY Private Home Studio 43 Manor Way Guildford, England, GU2 United Kingdom

Blissful healing yoga to reduce fatigue, physical pain, stress.The sound bath has a powerful detox, relaxing, rebalancing, therapeutic effect.

Gentle enough for anyone wanting to start with yoga, a must for those going through difficult/stressful times and those wanting to reduce back, shoulders, neck and sciatic pain.

The accumulation of tiredness, stress and tension/pain increase as the week goes on, often feeling a struggle to get to the week-end. This special yoga class will break the building up and your body and mind will feel a great improvement as you practice regularly, hence it is offered midweek on a Wednesday as a 7-week course.

Specific yoga to reduce back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain. The class is divided into: breathing practice, gentle warm up, seated, supine and prone poses, 30 min sound bath.

Weekly class starting 6th September as a 7 weeks course in a semi-private class, all equipment provided.

Max 7. book early to avoid disappointment.

People attending our healing classes commented they feel an increase in their physical and mental wellness: lighter, renewed, positive, relaxed and overall less pain. In particularly comments have been of less backache, neck, shoulder and joints/hip and knee pain, less anxiety and less headache, they also said that the effect generally last for few days or longer.

We do make extra effort to create a relaxing environment with candles, soft lighting, relaxing music, essential oils/incense if no allergies.

  • Investment £84 
  • EB £70 before 20/07

Wed Yoga therapy+Thu Chakra yoga 7 week courses:

EB £138 (Save £30) before 20/07

Payment by BACS/Cash or Pingit. Online credit/debit card payments includes processing fees.

  • No Drop-in available at this time. 

Please note: no cancellation/refund/exchange once booked.

Max 7. Book here.