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Ayurvedic kitchen: healing starts from the food you eat and for thoughts.

  • The Balanced Yoga 43 Manor Way Guildford, England, GU2 United Kingdom (map)

Ayurvedic kitchen: healing starts from the food you eat and for thoughts.

 29th January 10am-12.30pm Ayurveda diet, spices, food for the season and the Doshas, recipes demonstration. Recipes print out to take home. 

The Ayurveda kitchen course £36. Online payments includes processing fees.

Add the Ayurvedic kitchen to the 3 week course for a complete understanding of Ayurveda Yoga for home detox and self-healing.


Next courses:

Spring Ayurveda Yoga Course will guide you to an holistic healthy lifestyle, owning your body and mind based on the Ayurvedic Yoga approach to self-healing. Each workshop will provide you with specific information accompanied by written notes for your personal use, hence each workshop can be booked individually. This would make a perfect Christmas gift.

You will learn about:

  • your Ayurvedic constitution or Dosha.
  • best daily routine for your constitution including self-massage and meditation.
  • how to optimise digestion for better health which directly and indirectly affect weight problems such as obesity and other digestive system's related illnesses such as diabetes, food intolerances, allergies, Crohn's disease,  etc.,
  • food, herbs and essential oils that promote balance and dis-ease prevention for your specific constitution.
  • cleansing and yoga practice to detox and balance your body and mind. The Ayurveda detoxification is called Panchakarma which is performed by an Ayurvedic doctor, however there are aspects of detoxification that can be done at home for self-healing purposes.
  • Reference practices and diet recommendations for your Dosha Print out.

Workshop 1 (2 October/13th November/8th January): Ayurvedic constitution and what it means to you. Looking at how this affect you and what changes can be done. Daily routine including exercise, food for the body and the mind and sleep. Ayurvedic diet and dis-eases prevention.

Workshop 2:  Ayurveda Yoga healing through food, diet, herbs, essential oils, self-massage, meditation. Looking at list of food for your specific Dosha, how to use herbs, essential oil, and daily cleansing practices including massage, and meditation.

Workshop 3: Home detox practice based on your Dosha/imbalances. Seasonal detox for your personal imbalances, 3-5 days seasonal detox plan. Recipes for your detox based on your Dosha and detox routine.

Ayurveda Yoga cooking demo: demonstration on how to mix spices and prepare recipes according to your constitution and how to prepare the detox recipe.

Prices includes all materials, reference print out to take home, detox recipes. Organic teas and fruit/ayurvedic snack free of charge on the day.

 Small group of max 6 people, early booking recommended.


Workshop 1, 2, 3: £75 or booked individually £30 each week. 

If you already attended Ayurveda workshop in October or November you can access to workshop 2,3 for only £ 50 

Ayurvedic kitchen workshop £30 

Request 10 % Early Bird discount here to apply at the checkout before 23rd December when it expires.