Semi-private Yoga Classes

At the Balanced Yoga we specialise in yoga classes for back pain and bespoke individualised programs to bring your whole self back to balance.

What to expect

Our classes will make you feel like you are in a very special retreat, a space to relax, release tension and focus on yourself. 

The small numbers in the class means you will receive personalised attention, you will feel pampered while working on your wellbeing.

John's Hall semi-private class: we only offer a space in the class to max 9

TBY Studio shared private class: numbers varies between  2 to 6 max.

Stress is the leading cause of many chronic conditions, modern science has proved that yoga, including Pranayam (breathing technique), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and sound healing, to be effective in reducing chronic pain, back pain, anxiety, auto-immune disorders and stress related conditions. 

 Our clients told us that they experience a significant improvement from the very first class, some have seen their chronic back pain of years, lessen and then disappear in just two months of regular practice and most have seen a decreased in the need to see a physiotherapist/chiropractor and reduced need of painkillers.

Coming regularly will provide the most long lasting effect, it will also enable me to plan the class to your level.

Discounted rates are available on Membership and term-time bookings. 

We are the only studio to offer effordable regular shared-private classes,  (min. 2 people to max 6). You will not find a similar class anywhere else in or near Guildford.

Our shared private classes are personalised to meet your level, to do this we use equipment that are not normally available in other studios or yoga classes: scarves, belts, block, wedges, chairs and inversion chair, yoga wheel, yoga sandbags, etc.

Our style is based on classical Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Iyengar, Yoga Therapy for Chronic lower back pain, Hatha Yoga, Yoga nidra and Sound Bath for deep relaxation where the brain takes a complete rest.  

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Yoga and Sound for Healing

Enrollment for Oct-Dec is now open

Termly Classes:

Monday 9:15am - 10:30am Johns Hall restart on 29th October - Last class 10th December

Thursday 7pm - 8:15pm TBY Studio restart 1st November - Last class 13th December

Discounted Term Block booking for this classes is available each term,

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Oct-Dec 7 weeks {click the choice below}:

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Semi-private Yoga Classes, Private one to one, Thai Massage, Ayurveda workshop, courses, Online Training and Consultations will continue to be offered during the Holidays.

Raffaella has trained and experience in many applications of Yoga including yoga therapy for chronic lower back pain and sciatica, yoga for scoliosis, Sound Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Nutrition and life-style, Thai Yoga Massage. 


Included in your  Memberships:

  • Free exclusive TBY Online classes to practice at home.

  • 10% discount on Therapies and one to one at TBY Studio.

  • You can stop membership anytime before your next payment is due. All remaining classes must be taken.

  • The price will not increase as long as the membership remains active.

  • Cheapest price for our specialised Term-time Classes.

  • No minimum contract, no joining fees like Gym or studios. There is only a £1 One-off Set-up fees.

  • Peace of mind and guaranteed space in the class.

  • Spread the cost with automatic payments every 4 weeks

  • receive points/cash back from you credit cards provider/AmEx


  • Gatiṃ गतिं means progress. A regular practice is the first step to feel the benefits of yoga, with a regular weekly practice you will notice your improvements and progress.

Monday: Save £8 ~ Only £42 instead of £50 charged every 4 weeks, £1 set up fees. Sign up by clicking here

Thursday: save £12 ~ only £48 instead of £60, charged every 4 weeks, £1 set up fees. Sign up here.


  • Cikitsā चिकित्सा means therapy, to heal. Practising twice a week (Monday and Thursday) is the most life-changing experience, you will see and feel the difference.

  • Save up to £25 with each Automatic renew every 4 weeks ~ You will be charged £85 for 8 classes. {instead of £110}, £1 set up fees.

  • Sign up by clicking here

Term-time classes drop-in Offer 

6 classes for 5: When you book your drop-in, add 4 more consecutive weekly classes (total= 5 consecutive weekly classes) and one extra class will be added for free (the 6th class). This offer is only available when the 5 consecutive weekly classes are purchased at the same time. This offer is not valid in conjunction with other offers or discounts. Not valid on New Client offer/discounts. Only valid on Monday and Thursday term-time classes.

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Yoga for healing, yoga as a work-in not a fitness work-out. Modern concept of work-out and fitness focus on performance, body-mass ratio, statistics and comparisons, a 'no-pain-no-gain' mentality which often results in injury. What is yoga for healing?

  • correct use of the body to free up tension, reduce pain and reinstate the natural balance.

  • Movements to reduce compression of the spine, you will feel less back pain.

  • Reduced tension in back, neck, shoulders area.

  • Body awareness to recognise imbalances, posture misalignment and weak muscles.

  • Structural yoga, spinal balancing movements, and correct use of the core to support the spine and each movement.

  • practice of proper breathing: increasing lung capacity and oxygenating you body and brain. {Pranayama}

  • Deep relaxation and de-stressing techniques.

  • Meditative movements with the breath.

  • Sound Healing

  • Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep is a guided meditation that induce deep relaxation.

  • A retreat experience every week. (comment from current and past students)


Thank you for some truly inspiring yoga these last few weeks.
— Deborah Ramswell
Raffaella has been a kind, generous and accommodating teacher and therapist. She has created an incredible environment for people to check out from hectic work schedules, relax and look within. I highly recommend TBY Thai yoga massage.
— Elizabeth Matthews

“I really enjoy Raffaella’s classes, I recommended it to my daughter and my friends too. She gives very clear instructions and demonstration and you can see she teaches with passion. I particularly like the Full Moon yoga with the sound bath, Its an incredible value for all the healing on offer.”

— Liz

“I like the friendly atmosphere. Always different options so you can do what suits you and your body. Very clear instructions and I always leave feeling better physically and mentally. I am always pleased to have done my yoga class.”

— Claire

“I like Raffaella’s teaching, is very clear and knowledgeable. I particularly like the gentle adjustments that really makes a difference. I really enjoy Yoga Nidra at the end of the class and the sound Bath on Full Moon days. ”

— Margaret

“Excellent, I really enjoy the classes and find them beneficial. I like the friendly and supportive environment, professionalism with each class, specific to individual needs while working as part of a group. The instructions and demonstrations are very good and clear. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation.”

— Allison

“I like the variety of poses, the pace and the small semi-private class. I feel challenged physically, learning something different with each class. I leave the class feeling that I have been improved physically, mentally and spiritually.”

— Dan

“I find the classes challenging and stretching with a balance of various posture and very clear instructions.”

— Diane

* Pricing information, cancellation policy and Booking System information here. 


Children Yoga in school and private one to one/family classes. More information on the Children Yoga here.