How to use Rose petals in Ayurveda

Easy to make rosewater with fresh roses: .

2 cups distilled water

1 cup full of fresh petals (You can use dried petals too).

Heat the water and once it’s hot add the petals. simmer the petals on low heat for about 10 min. Use only the petals. Turn off heat and let it cool for few minutes.  Strained the petal and squeeze out the rest of the water which will makes color more vivid.

Store in airtight container/bottle for up to 2 week in the fridge. .

Ayurveda: Rose water has cooling properties which is great to balance the summer heat {balances Pitta}.

Rose water is particularly used for cooling, moisturizing and toning the skin, improve the glow and complexion of the skin and also improves inner beauty.

Used regularly can prevent skin imbalances. 

Rosewater applied to hair will promote growth, condition and maintain good health of scalp, preventing its irritation and dundruff. The smell of rose will also have an effect in calming the mind. .

Other benefits: roses enhance digestive fire, balance hormones, helps beat stress and depression. It has also being investigated for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic properties.

According to Ayurveda, roses also help in curing amenorrhea, eye inflammation, headache due to aggravated pitta, acne, sore throat and enlarged tonsils.

You can also drink Rose tea made with fresh or dried (organic) petals, add rose petals to salads and baths. .